Hiring Lamperti Construction at the same time as the architect enables the team to begin the process from the same point of understanding. During this critical phase, Joe Lamperti studies the design intent and then pro- vides builder input as it relates to budgeting and scheduling. Additionally, Lamperti's knowledge of local con- struction financing can further streamline the process. Pre-construction value engineering helps identify possi- ble obstacles to the construction schedule, provides a more accurate budget estimate and can ultimately speed up the approval/permitting process, among other things. 


Once the project's design and permitting has been buttoned up, the construction phase commences. Joe Lamperti relays frequent project updates to the client. He keeps the clients ahead of the curve so they know what decisions are required next. Schedules are diligently maintained and all construction is performed to the highest industry standards. Lamperti Construction's combination of attention to detail and conscientious com- munication means the construction phase can be an enjoyable, stress-free process. The end result is an impec- cably constructed home that the owner is proud to call his or her own. 


To ensure complete satisfaction, Lamperti Construction also performs a variety of services after the last nail is pounded. Each client receives a comprehensive owner's manual detailing the home's basic operations including appliances, telephones, security systems, home theaters and much more. Lamperti Construction stands behind every project and is available for follow-up maintenance and upkeep tasks.